Update Released

By Hopple 5 years ago
Updates to Garry's Mod have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

Garry's Mod

  • Fixed some func_breakable's not creating gibs
  • Fixed armor not hiding when dead
  • Fixed CS Player model's aim being completely wrong
  • Fixed dedicated servers not mounting all available content
  • Voice notifications are now drawn via Lua
  • Fixed people being telefragged multiple times by the same spawn
  • Fixed inconsistency in weapon dropping
  • Fixed SMG and AR2 not having viewmodel bobbing
  • Fixed view model spazzing when butting up against physics props
  • Fixed ScriptEnforcer sometimes not allowing AddCSLua'd files
  • Fixed ScriptEnforcer kicking people who don't own Counter-Strike: Source

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    5 years ago:

    At least this update doesn't screw up 3 things to fix 1, I hope...

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    "Play for fun, fight to win."
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    5 years ago:
    Posted by Mxmlln Updatery, always good.

    TF2 Would like a word with you.

    Ice Skatan gaems
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    5 years ago:

    Fuck yes! they fixed the Ar2 and Smidge! HELLL YEAAAAAHH

    seltz champ
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    5 years ago:

    Updatery, always good.

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    5 years ago:

    If you talk in gmod it now shows your steam picture....fancy.

    Normal avatar? Yeah I got one.