[GMod] BLooDPooL Mod v1.0

------------------------ BLooDPooL Mod

It's making the gore much more realistic!

Features: -There's blood when you shoot on ragdolls -The ragdolls are bleeding -The ragdolls are leaving bloodpools under their body -When they (the ragdolls) hit the bottom after falling, they are bleeding more and left much blood on the ground -The ragdolls are moving more realistic when dieing -New blood (optional) -New decals/wounds (optional)

The installation is very simple: Put the Folders into C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\yourSteamname\garrysmod\gar rysmod\addons

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQU7rq6whXU&feature=player_embedded

The mod was made by me (Z3R0N1C). And thanks to Ralle105, cuz i had the idea with the bloodspurt from him.

Have Fun! ;D

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  • UltraMadBoomer's Levels
    • P1: Beggar
      Points: 9
    • A3: Apprentice
      Account Age: 2 years
    2 days ago:

    Is this supposed to be for gmod 13? Just saying cause this was not working for me.

  • BL4CKJ4CK's Levels
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 4 years
    2 years ago:

    after the blooddrips stops to drip no one else of the ragdoll can bleed

  • shockwave88's Levels
    • P2: Drudge
      Points: 2,930
    • E1: Helper
      EF: 1
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 5 years
    3 years ago:

    cool gana check it out

    User Title
  • Nosehair26's Levels
    • P1: Beggar
      Points: 32
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 5 years
    3 years ago:

    This looks like a modded version of GibMod by Ralle. You might want to credit him. It makes killing endless waves of Breens fun again, but I could only imagine the amount of lag it could produce over time.

    Newbie sound maker


Z3R0N1C's Levels
  • P1: Beggar
    Points: 50
  • A4: Graduate
    Account Age: 3 years
Z3R0N1C (Creator/Co-creator)


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3 years ago
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3 years ago


Made by Z3R0N1C


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