Stalker Player Model

Stalker player model that has working animations and such.

I wanted a stalker player model so I found the one from Gmod 9 and set it up for Gmod 11.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago:

    Well it worked for me.

  • mel00's Levels
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 4 years
    4 years ago:

    its not working

  • BearShare's Levels
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 5 years
    5 years ago:

    Nice player model....

    Freelance player
  • t3h0racle's Levels
    • P1: Beggar
      Points: 471
    • E1: Helper
      EF: 1
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 6 years
    5 years ago:

    I've wondered why this has not been in garrys mod 11. Thanks for the upload!

    User Title
    I play to learn and help other
  • Toenninga's Levels
    • P1: Beggar
      Points: 503
    • A5: Veteran
      Account Age: 6 years
    5 years ago:
    Posted by satell1te THIS IS NOT STALKER. THIS IS STALKER:

    Uhm, dude, the thingy on his screens IS a Stalker, the Stalker you made the link to isn't a Stalker of Half Life².

    In other words: This is a Half Life² Stalker, your link is a STALKER Stalker.

    Capslock will hate you because of that.

    The cake is a pie!
  • satell1te's Levels
    • A6: Elder
      Account Age: 6 years


zck2020's Levels
  • P1: Beggar
    Points: 253
  • A5: Veteran
    Account Age: 5 years
zck2020 (Redistributor)
Key Authors
Garry Newman
Modified the stalker model
Made it an addon.
Made origional Stalker Model


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Additional Info

Model Class
Hacked Default Model
Texture Class


Post Count
Date Added
5 years ago
Date Modified
5 years ago




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