Add a DarkRP Chat Command

How do i add a DarkRP Chat command?

I want it to be like this:


The original command is a console command an it's: r_cleardecals

So can somone please give me a code or something because i really want to use this in my server. Thanks

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    4 years ago:

    I can't guarantee that this will work, but I think it will. Open up "main.lua", it will be either under "addons\darkrp\gamemode" or "gamemodes\darkrp\gamemode\". Open up the file and add the following code to the bottem of the file:

    AddChatCommand("!cleardecals", r_cleardecals)

    If that doesn't work, I would suggest posting on the FacePunch forums.

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    4 years ago:

    it didnt work :( an facepunches email system dosnt work as i cant make a post

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Code to use:

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