darkrp hitman system

By chee 4 years ago

can somonebody make me a darkrp bounty/hitman system? or atleast find one for me because i havent found 1 hitman system.

Ok so i want it like on one side it has the list of players on the server an on the other side it has like a money thing to choose like how much the bounty is for. an then at the bottem i want a "place hit" button an when they hav the player selected an the price selected they click "place hit" i wont it to say "Hit accepted" in chat an then the person who is a hitman has a text saying "New Bounty" an the hitmans bounty thing is diffrent then everyone elses he cant choose a player an set the price what the hitman sees is the bounty people have placed on other people an the price. Now when the hitman finds that person who has a hit/bounty on them the hitman kills them an gets the ammount of money that person placed on the person he wanted dead. So thats it Oh an when the person places a hit the price they select an click place hit it takes away the amount they selected. Ok thats it

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